List of Events

Our wellness planning for this year is focused on taking care of our community through:

  • Distancing
  • Wearing masks indoors or where distancing doesn’t work
  • Cleaning and offering sanitizer


As normal, you enter our property at your own risk.  We do our best to mitigate the risk, but there is no perfection at our farm.

You are responsible for the care of others and yourself.  Let’s put others first – especially now.

For events requiring tickets, they must be purchased in advance.

Please click on any of the Harvest Fun day events in the calendar below.

Choose your ticket time carefully!  Tickets are non refundable but can be manually exchanged for a different time by email contact at least 3 days prior to scheduled event.  That’s only fair to us and to others that are planning for times to come.

Ages 3 – 103 require a ticket, ages 2 and under are complimentary and do not require a ticket.

Tickets are timed and are good for 1 1/2 hours of fun! 

Any person inside who cannot produce a valid ticket will need to exit.

Thanks for helping us plan ahead to distance us all out.

We look forward to seeing you!