Strom’s Farm welcomes organizations and groups of all types and sizes to our family farm. We have an on-site market & bakery and acres of outdoor space to explore including our annual corn maze and Harvest Fun Area.


With careful cultivation, a farmer’s field will be without weeds, stones, and rough terrain. With the same careful attention, a team can eliminate personal politics, communication barriers, and unhealthy interactions. Farmers have always known that growth takes place from the ground up. Teams can grow together in the same way.

Does your team need to cultivate some fresh perspective and plant some healthy seeds of promise?

Bring them to “From the Ground Up!”
an innovative team building exercise at Strom’s Farm in Guelph.

This amazing event will feature the “From the Ground Up!” team building experience, an interactive debriefing time, lots of fresh air, and a country mile of fun.

“From the Ground Up” invites each team member to become an employee of the Korning Korporation. They will work together in navigating the pathways of Strom’s 5 acre corn maze, striving to overcome obstacles along the way to achieve their mission.

The event will also include interactive debriefing time facilitated by Martti Pajunen from IGNITE Leadership, wagon ride farm tour and a bakery snack.

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Specifics & Pricing


Corporate Groups

– Participants: 15 – 40

– ½ day experience (2 ½ to 3 hours)

– Wednesdays thru Fridays Sept 21 – Oct 28

– Includes team building exercises

– Wagon ride farm tour and bakery snack

– $45 per person

Call Amy to book your team building event: 519-822-1070

Bring Your Corporate Team To The Farm And Experience Real Growth... FROM THE GROUND UP! FROM THE GROUND UP!

Call Amy to book your team building event: 519-822-1070


For the past two decades, Martti Pajunen has been an interactive facilitator, informative trainer, and inspirational communicator for education, business and non-profit organizations in Ontario and Quebec. He has crafted and conducted training seminars in a wide variety of related skill areas, such as communication, personal leadership, creative thinking, conflict resolution, strategic planning, customer service and self-directed work teams.

Martti’s sincere and humorous seminar style puts his clients, students and participants at ease, enabling them to take full advantage of his extensive experience as a youth worker, college professor, event planner, and small business owner.

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Martii Pajunen

He is the Founder / Lead Trainer of IGNITE Leadership – a company dedicated to designing leadership training for adolescents and adults. He also directs EMERGEN, a 6 month leadership development experience for volunteer youth workers.

He has organized hundreds of big events involving up to 4,000 people and has worked with the Toronto Raptors, Toronto Argonauts, Toronto Blue Jays, Ottawa Inner-city Ministries, Skydome, Tyndale College, Heritage College, Seneca College, Scott Mission, Muskoka Woods Sports Resort, and Muskoka Baptist Conference Center.

In the past 20 years, Martti has spoken to over 100,000 Senior Elementary, High School, University and College students, as well as community, education, parent, church, youth, and leadership organizations in Canada and the U.S.A.

Martti lives in Kitchener, Ontario with his wife Tricia, and their three children.