Directions & Hours

5089 Wellington Rd 32, Guelph  519-822-1070

1:  What form of payment do you accept?

We take cash, debit, Mastercard and Visa.

2:  Can I bring my pet to the farm?

No, we do not allow pets at the farm.

3:  Can I bring my own food?

No outside food or drink is permitted.

4:  Can I bring a professional photographer to take photos?

Yes. Please book ahead and there is a $100 fee due the day you come to the farm.

5:  When will a certain sweet corn variety be ready?

Unfortunately the weather dictates our ripening schedule.  Some days we pick up to 3 different varieties. Feel free to call the day of to check on a certain variety but know that all of our varieties grown are chosen because of their flavour and quality.

6:  Do you irrigate your corn?

No… we are dependent on the weather.

7:  How long do I cook the corn?

Bring water to a boil, add corn and once the water comes back to a boil, time for 4 minutes. You would rather under cook then over. Do not add salt or sugar.

8:  How do I freeze corn?

Visit our Corn Page for the answer… and see more corn tips and recipes.

9:  Do you use genetically modified (GMO) or BT seed?


10:  Are you a peanut free facility?

No. We make peanut butter monster cookies and cannot guarantee that any of our products have not come in contact with peanut butter.

11:  Do you carry any gluten free baked goods?

No, but Portions in Guelph (340 Woodlawn Road West) has a great selection.

12:  How should I store my pumpkin?

Keep it in a cool dry place.

14:  Is your corn organic?

No, Strom’s practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM). It is the method of farming Strom’s has used for many years. In the past, farmers approached pest management by spraying before any pest problems were present. With IPM farming, pesticides are applied only when the benefits outweigh the costs, which gets the best possible results and the most value from the product.  Strom’s uses this method as opposed to organic farming because we feel it is the most beneficial and results in the best product.

Many people assume ‘organic’ means the product is pesticide free, but this is not true. Organic farmers often spray as much or more pesticides than other farmers.  The spray materials they use are ‘natural’, even thought they may be just as potent as non-organic materials. The pesticides we apply eliminate insect, disease, and weed pest problems but do not eradicate all pests. All pest management options are considered, including natural, biological, cultural, and chemical methods.

Regular inspection (monitoring) of the plants and crops determine whether pests are approaching damaging levels; the mere presence of a pest is not enough reason to apply a control measure. The number of pests present must be sufficient to cause enough harm to pay for the control measure. IPM means treating only when pest reach or exceed the ‘action threshold’ (the point where the number of pests justifies action).



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Directions & Hours


5089 Wellington Rd 32, Guelph