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“The Guelph Chamber of Commerce Staff and Board of Directors visited Strom's Farm in August to participate in a problem solving and team building exercise. The opportunity to get out of the meeting room into the fresh air and have some fun together launched us into a tremendous autumn season. For the first time the Guelph Chamber of Commerce staff and our volunteer Board of Directors interacted one on one to get to know each other and to have many laughs as we built a corporation together. Lessons learned around looking for and leveraging strengths of team members, and succeeding together with all departments winning instead of competing against each other were lasting take aways. And the supper was outstanding! Strom's really knows how to provide a unique and memorable experience!”

L. Longfield, Guelph Chamber of Commerce


“Our experience at your farm was nothing but amazing. The feedback from the entire team was positive; they only had good things to say. Everyone enjoyed their time there. The team building exercises were fun and we learnt a lot about each other and working as a team to get the job done efficiently and effectively. You and your staff were helpful and accommodating to our needs. We appreciate that very much and look forward to having more activities at your farm.”

N. Ramlal, Royal Canin


“We held our staff appreciation event at Strom’s in October 2012 for 80 people. Strom’s supplied everything we needed; the location, the equipment, the entertainment and the home-cooked meal – everything was amazing and there wasn’t one complaint. The team building activities were humorous, interactive & engaging and all of the staff at Strom’s were cheerful & accommodating. The afternoon we spent at Strom’s was a great opportunity for our staff to get to know one another better and also to be reminded how important they are to our organization. Thank you Strom’s!”

B. O'Brien, Lang's Community Health Centre


5089 Wellington Rd 32, Guelph  519-822-1070


"Our staff really work well together, yet it's amazing that we didn't instinctively pull together until the end of the exercise. It was a real eye opener to realize the areas where we can improve our working relationship, no matter how good it was already. Communication really is key."

A. McKillop, Program Coordinator,
Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency


“Thank you again for a great experience, we will definitely be back in future... Also the fee you charged us was very reasonable - I would have paid double that without blinking an eye. The events were great and the food was definitely a hit!"

A. Mumby, President, Mumby Insurance Brokers Inc.


"I want to thank you very much for a fabulous day at the farm. All our team members had a wonderful day, the team building events were fun but very insightful. Martti is a very talented facilitator, he made everyone feel very comfortable and they all walked away with at least one- what we call "a golden nugget" or should I say "golden kernel". The staff, events and food were fantastic, we will definitely be back for future events. Thanks again for a great afternoon."

H. Ross, Logistics Manager- Ontario,
Superior Propane


“My team and I really enjoyed our time spent at Strom's. The food was wonderful and Marti was great. It was just what I was looking for in a teambuilding event, and it was just the right mix of fun and learning. I really don't think that I can think of any areas for improvement. The word is spreading about our positive experience so I hope that you will be contacted next year with other groups from here. Thank you both very much for a great day."

V. Vickers, Commercial Accounts Receivable Supervisor, The Co-operators


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